Dream Home Architect

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After reviewing the overall project vision with a focus group of industry experts and compiling the features and elements that should be included in the ultimate mountain retreat, Resorts West selected Utah architect Michael Upwall to design the Dream Home. Michael’s unparalleled reputation in mountain architecture and his personal understanding of the skiing culture made him the perfect partner to embark upon the design of the exclusive project.

“Resorts West took extreme measures to consult reservations people, housekeeping staff, realtors and property management professionals ensure this home included all of the amenities any skier could possibly want,” he told SKI Magazine in a 2007 interview. “They conceptualized the home first. My crew takes the next step in the birthing process – getting dreams and desires down on paper.”

Upwall’s love of skiing and talent for creating custom homes kept the imaginative ideas that fueled the Dream Home’s unique character alive as they transformed to reality on the slopes of Deer Valley Resort. Calling Resorts West the “brainstrust” of the project, Upwall worked closely with CEO Joseph Ballstaedt to make sure he considered each suggestion provided by the committee of experts.

Upwall and his associates firmly believe in architecture as a full-scale art form.

“It’s high art, to create a full-scale, three-dimensional sculpture that fits seamlessly into the landscape, that can withstand the extreme conditions imposed by nature, and that can still include all the particular wishes and dreams for each individual family,” Upwall has said. He also acknowledges his responsibility as an architect for protecting the environment. “While we can never recreate what’s there to begin with, we can make every effort to leave behind something that feels natural, something that belongs.”

He proves that philosophy true with the Dream Home’s deceptive size, subtle skyline and mountain-inspired exterior, allowing the unique ski home to blend seamlessly with the slopes of Deer Valley.